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Four Impediments to Test Automation Success – Impediment Four: Reliability & Maintenance Issues

In our fourth segment, Reliability & Maintenance Issues, Lee discusses how this is the most well-publicized (and most preventable) test automation issue. Missed any of our first three segments? If so, click on the links below: Impediment One: Lack of Clear Vision and Strategy Impediment Two: Inappropriate Staffing Impediment Three:... read more →
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Four Impediments to Test Automation Success – Impediment Two: Inappropriate Staffing

In our second of four installments, Utopia Founder & CTO Lee discusses how implementing automation with resources that lack automation or testing experience can lead to negative results.   Thank you for joining today's episode of QA Bytes. Today we have another installment discussing common test automation issues. And today's... read more →
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9 Agile Principles for Test Framework Development – Principle Nine– “MVF”

In our ninth segment: Minimum Viable Functionality Utopia Senior Test Automation Expert Brett Haase explains why it is important to think in terms of..."What's the minimum automation we create each sprint that adds value?". In case you missed them, take a look at Brett's first eight principles for agile test framework development:... read more →