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Dec 06
Jan 09

Effective Test Automation in DevOps Episode Two

Effective test automation is absolutely essential to becoming a high-performing DevOps organization. In this episode, we explore the common obstacles that prevent organizations from implementing effective automation.Join Utopia Solutions' Founder & CTO Lee Barnes in the second episode of a seven part series on Effective Test Automation in DevOps. https://youtu.be/UNqSEcFqmIk... read more →
Dec 14
Sep 11

Getting Real with Test Automation – Part 3 – Identifying Opportunities to Apply Automation (video)

In our third and final installment of our Getting Real with Test Automation video series “Identifying Opportunities to Apply Automation”, Utopia Solutions’ Founder and CTO Lee Barnes discusses ways to identify and apply automation to testing activities. Lee talks about how broadening our definition of test automation (and test automation... read more →
Jul 16
Jul 05
Apr 30
Nov 06

Four Impediments to Test Automation Success – Impediment Four: Reliability & Maintenance Issues

In our fourth segment, Reliability & Maintenance Issues, Lee discusses how this is the most well-publicized (and most preventable) test automation issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFW9gkTrzhI&index=4 Missed any of our first three segments? If so, click on the links below: Impediment One: Lack of Clear Vision and Strategy Impediment Two: Inappropriate Staffing Impediment... read more →
Oct 24
Oct 09

Four Impediments to Test Automation Success – Impediment Two: Inappropriate Staffing

In our second of four installments, Utopia Founder & CTO Lee discusses how implementing automation with resources that lack automation or testing experience can lead to negative results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yRYZQgx8FM Thank you for joining today's episode of QA Bytes. Today we have another installment discussing common test automation issues. And today's... read more →
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