Don’t Become a Statistic – Get Your Roadmap for Test Automation Success

8 out of 10 test automation implementations are likely to fail.

Understand the critical issues that are impacting your readiness to succeed with test automation through this complimentary session. Led by a Utopia Solution’s Test Architect, the 4-5 hour, on-site session will help you identify risk factors that are lurking in your organization. At the conclusion of the session, clients will receive a high-level, test automation roadmap for avoiding common pitfalls and ultimately achieving success.

Why should you attend?

  • It’s valuable – ensure you’re maximizing the return on your test automation investment
  • It’s free – a complimentary 4-5 hour session
  • It’s convenient – the session is conducted in your office

After the completion of the assessment, we’ll schedule a one-hour session in which we’ll present a high-level strategy to get you on the path to test automation success.

During the session, Utopia’s Test Architect will lead an interactive discussion with various team members including Test Directors/Managers, Development Directors/Managers, and Test Automation Engineers. Typically, the session will include individual or group discussions with 4-6 people.

To help clients maximize the impact of the session, team members should be prepared to do the following:

  • Conduct a walk-through of the application under test and discuss testing activities
  • Provide a representative sample of testing-related documents
  • Explain the technology of the application under test
  • Discuss any development and testing support tools (e.g. test management, continuous integration, etc.) in use

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