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Implementing a Sustainable Salesforce Test Automation Strategy

Helping a restoration services company change their approach to regression testing

The Goal

Reduce regression test cycle time

A national cleaning and restoration services company struggled to maintain their field service management system. As they rolled out new functionality to their Salesforce Field Lightning-based application, regression testing activities had become a bottleneck. Despite implementing test automation, they had little value to show for their efforts.

The director of quality assurance approached Utopia Solutions after attending a conference presentation by chief technology officer Lee Barnes. After hearing Lee speak on test automation strategy, the client hired Utopia Solutions to help address their regression testing issues.

After a brief assessment to gather an understanding of the current activities, Utopia worked with the client to adjust their approach. First, we shared techniques to help the client define regression testing scope and focus based on the context of the system and changes being tested (versus the indiscriminate execution of all existing tests.)

Then we introduced the concept of testing versus checking. If testing is viewed as a collection of exploratory and experimental activities, it can be understood as an intrinsically human activity (and therefore difficult to fully automate.) Checking, on the other hand, represents a process that can be distilled into rules and therefore, a possible candidate for automation.

Appreciating this distinction allowed the client to see more clearly why some of their testing activities did not become more efficient with their initial approach to automation. As they revisited their automation strategy, they identified the checks that were appropriate for automation, while applying true testing techniques based on the changes included in each release candidate.

Top Obstacles

Unrealistic Expectations
The client attempted to automate 100% of their existing regression tests without regard to the effectiveness of the tests or the appropriateness to automate them.

Maintenance Challenges
The client found they were spending more time troubleshooting and maintaining their automated test suite than they had previously spent on testing.

Key Benefits

Faster Time to Market
The client saw a significant reduction in regression test cycle time.

More Focused Testing
The client now executes tests in a more focused manner, using appropriate automated checks and adapting their test approach based on the nature of the changes being introduced.

Continuous Learning
We implemented a feedback loop that ensured the team continued to learn about the system and continually refine the automated checks as the system evolved.

The Outcome

50% fewer total staff hours spent on regression testing

By taking a new approach to regression testing of their Salesforce-based app, our client reduced regression test effort by almost 50% once the new processes were in place.

The client continued to perform important manual tests, but in a more strategic and focused manner. The automation strategy focused on implementing a system of checks using the Utopia Automation Framework.

The framework has built in support for cloud-based automated testing, making it easy to handle Salesforce-specific testing challenges like Lightning UI element identification and the monitoring of API limits during execution.

In addition to removing the regression test bottleneck and enjoying the benefits of a more targeted test approach, out client gained a better understanding of regression testing as a discipline. This allowed the director of quality to better articulate the value it provided as well as justify the time and effort required.

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