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Reducing Unplanned Maintenance and Delays

Helping a software company establish a more predictable release cycle with a remote test team

The Goal

Reduce defect escape rate and release delays

The IT organization of a major home builder struggled to maintain a regular release schedule without a dedicated testing team. Subject matter experts from customer support and sales teams were called upon to test monthly releases, putting a strain on the business. Their inexperience with testing had also led to preventable errors and inefficiencies.

The CIO had worked with Utopia before and trusted our ability to deliver. He partnered with us to establish a dedicated test team to relieve pressure on the business and improve their testing effectiveness.

The transition of the test function to a remote test lab was gradual and collaborative. Several members from our eastern European team were embedded onsite with the client to build relationships and accelerate knowledge transfer to the remote team. After several months, the Utopia team was prepared to assume full responsibility for testing of this business-critical application.

Over time, the team implemented a risk-based regression process that focused regression testing activities and reduced execution times. Some of the resulting improvements included:

  • Expanding and refactoring the regression test suite
  • Adding impact analysis to the release process
  • Improving cross-functional communications
  • Providing real-time data on the regression test suite status and health

Top Obstacles

Incomplete Testing
Subject matter experts focused narrowly on specific workflows and missed critical test cases.

Unpredictable Release Cycle
Quality issues resulted in significant maintenance and release delays.

Key Benefits

Improved Release Quality
Test coverage as well as overall release quality were improved.

Predictable Budgeting
Outsourcing the test function offered the client a predictable release cadence, at a predictable cost.

The Outcome

90% reduction in defect escape rate; elimination of release delays

The client benefited from a more effective and efficient regression testing function while removing the impact on the business. Within 6 months of the transition of the test function to a managed services model, the rate of defects escaping to production was reduced by over 90%. In addition, release delays were eliminated. The impact of borrowing resources from business teams was also mitigated.

The client now has a high-performing, dedicated regression testing team, for a predictable monthly budget. In addition to managing the regression testing, the outsourced team continuously works to improve all client testing practices.

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