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Managing Change in a Complex Environment

Using test automation to reduce the time and effort required to certify updates to desktop images

The Goal

Streamline application release testing process

The test lab of a major food manufacturer was responsible for certifying changes to the company’s 46+ desktop profiles used by over 36,000 employees. The changes included OS updates, security patches, and new application releases that resulted in hundreds of testing events each month. Thousands of staff hours were being spent each month to certify the releases.

Overwhelmed by the workload and the cumbersome, unreliable, and mostly manual testing process, the Manager of IT QA contacted Utopia Solutions to help the company streamline and automate its release certification process.

Test Automation

Working with the client, Utopia designed and architected an automation engine that covered the entire profile certification process – enabling a single test lab team member to certify multiple profiles simultaneously in significantly less time. This greatly improved the coverage, speed, and quality of the certification process.

Test Automation

Top Obstacles

Unsustainable workload
Hundreds of testing events per month were executed manually.

Cumbersome Testing Process
The client’s lab team was simultaneously performing four to five testing events on separate physical PCs.

Key Benefits

Time Savings
Data-driven automation resulted in a 92% reduction in the effort required to certify profiles.

Reduced Cost
The client eliminated most of their external contracting costs.

The Outcome

Effort required to certify profiles was reduced by 92%

Upon implementing the data-driven framework, the impact was virtually immediate. A largely manual process that took days or even weeks to complete was converted to a 100% automated process that could be completed within hours. The client was also able to reduce external contracting costs associated with the lab, further increasing the return on their investment in test automation.

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