Industry: Life Sciences

Implementing Performance Testing as a Service

Providing a turnkey performance testing function to accompany ongoing development efforts

The Goal

Establish a performance testing function

A global life sciences company was preparing to launch a new customer engagement platform that provided product information as well as interactive educational content for users worldwide.

When fully rolled out, the system was expected to regularly experience loads of up to 1,000 concurrent users with spikes of up to 5,000 during events such as new product launches. Since the client team had not conducted performance testing in the past, they sought a referral from another internal team and were introduced to Utopia Solutions. Utopia was hired to provide a turnkey performance testing function.

Utopia developed a process to seamlessly integrate with the monthly release cycle using CloudTest from Akamai as the performance testing tool. CloudTest was the ideal solution because it allowed us to:

  • Generate load from cloud locations across the globe to better emulate the expected use of the client’s platform.
  • License the software in a “pay-as-you-go” model, so the client only paid for the time they used to execute the tests.

Top Obstacles

Changing Needs
A new product launch was expected to drive significant new traffic to the client’s website, requiring a new approach to testing.

Lack of Experience
The client had not done performance testing in the past and did not have the expertise or tooling to conduct regular performance tests.

Key Benefits

Knowing the platform had been thoroughly performance tested gave the client higher confidence as they rolled out new products and content.

Outsourcing performance testing allowed the client to mitigate the risks and unpredictable cost associated with building the function internally.

The Outcome

Performance testing expertise and tooling at a predictable cost

Utopia’s Performance Testing as a Service team ran performance tests on the system monthly to ensure updates didn’t impact platform performance, giving the client higher confidence to make platform updates.

Working with Utopia also gave the client ongoing access to world-class performance testing expertise and tooling for a predictable monthly cost.

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