Apr 05

9 Agile Principles for Test Framework Development – Principle Seven – “Integrate Test Automation During Framework Development”

Regression tests are the final validation points of the framework development.

In our seventh segment: Integrate Test Automation During Framework Development Utopia Senior Test Automation Expert Brett Haase discusses why someone on the customer’s team should actually use your framework components to build automated tests.

In case you missed them, take a look at Brett’s first six principles for agile test framework development:

Principle 1: Estimate & Practice the 80/20 Rule
Principle 2: Ensure User/Stakeholder Involvement
Principle 3: Establish Processes for Handling Defects & Issues
Principle 4: Do Not “Overplan”
Principle 5: Empower Framework Developers to Make Decisions
Principle 6: Incremental, Measurable, Demonstrable Releases


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