Test Automation Framework

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Accelerate Test Automation Implementation

Leverage years of test automation expertise and best practices with the Utopia Automation Framework.

Our Test Automation Framework helps you:

Accelerate Value
Achieve the fastest time-to-value by implementing automation on a foundation of proven processes, technology, and knowledge.

Minimize Expense
Reduce total automation costs with the framework’s maintainable, reliable, and extensible architecture.

Value-focus Your Team
Using the Utopia Automation Framework allows organizations to reap the benefits of successful test automation while keeping their testing and functional experts focused on high-value tasks.


Automation Framework Core Features

The Utopia Automation Framework (UAF) provides the core functionality needed for all implementations independent of the application under test:

Separation of Concerns
The UAF externalizes the test definition from the test automation framework code. This allows your team to focus their efforts where they can deliver the most value – test creation and analysis for Test Analysts and automation framework enhancement and maintenance for Automation Engineers.

App Independent
The application testing layer sits above the core layer and consists of reusable components that represent the most common application testing actions. This layer may consist of components from multiple applications to promote end-to-end testing across systems.

Common UI Experience
The UAF provides a common UI interaction layer to simplify the creation of application test components. This provides seamless support for multiple application technologies through a single consistent and extensible UI API.

Data Management
The UAF provides powerful features for addressing time sensitive and dynamic data, simplifying maintenance efforts. The framework also supports data generation of simple and complex data structures at runtime.

Reporting and Utilities
Powerful utilities and a flexible reporting engine promote efficient results analysis.The UAF generates an easy to read HTML report as well as an XML results file that can be used to create your own custom report.

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