Test Automation Strategy Workshop

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Establish a Test Automation Vision

Learn to assess your organizational readiness for test automation and the key elements of a successful test automation strategy.

Our Test Automation Strategy Workshop helps you:

Save Time
Learn how to avoid the risks of a “ready-fire-aim” approach to automation. We’ll share expertise built through more than twenty-five years of successfully implementing test automation.

Through two days of collaborative, cross-functional discussions and hands-on exercises, we teach our assessment process and the foundational components of a successful test automation strategy.

Build the Vision
After the workshop, your team will be prepared to develop an organization-specific roadmap for test automation success.

Customer Success Story

Implement a sustainable automation strategy

Industry: Insurance

Learn how we helped a major U.S. insurer set and implement a strategy that reduced regression test cycle by 75%.

Learn More

If you want to sustain a successful test automation function you need to either be very lucky or have a good plan.

Lee Barnes
CTO, Utopia Solutions

Our Approach to Test Automation Strategy

Our test automation strategy workshop teaches assessment techniques as well as the foundational elements of test automation strategy:

We work with you define the specific benefits you’re hoping to achieve with test automation. We look beyond “percentage of tests automated” to find creative and sustainable ways to accelerate value.

We look at the full range of test activities across your software development cycle. Often, when we look at all the activities of testing beyond executing test cases, we come up with additional opportunities to benefit from automation.

A common cause of failure for automation implementations is unrealistic resource expectations. We help you understand what can reasonably be achieved based on your team’s staffing, resources, and goals.

What does the organization seek to automate? And what will not be automated? A successful test automation strategy has bounds, and clearly defined scope.

Clear goals and a clear-eyed assessment of the organization’s gaps and strengths culminate in the creation of a roadmap which lays out the overall objective and steps to achieve test automation success in your context.

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