Performance Testing

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Build Performance Management into Your Pipeline

We offer full service performance test strategy, execution, and managed services solutions.

Our Performance Testing service offerings help you:

Protect Business Critical Systems
Increased response times and outages can have profound business impact measured in lost revenue, lost clients, and decreased employee productivity. We help you design and execute performance testing that ensures you identify and address performance issues before your customers do.

Manage Peaks with Confidence
We analyze application and system health holistically to help you understand when your systems will require additional capacity.

Manage Risk Proactively
Utopia has extensive experience integrating performance testing into fast-paced delivery environments. We can help you identify risk proactively, not reactively, at the end of a delivery cycle.

Act Quickly to Address Urgent Needs
Utopia’s Performance Testing as a Service (PTaaS) brings our expertise and all required tooling and infrastructure to plan, execute and analyze a performance test.

Customer Challenge:

Customer Challenge: Implement performance testing in their DevOps pipeline

Industry: Manufacturing

Learn how we helped a major industrial manufacturer integrate performance testing and analysis activities within their DevOps practices.

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Performance testing has traditionally been an “end of cycle” event that’s executed just prior to major releases. That’s like turning your head before the freight train hits you. Your only options are to delay the release or accept the performance issue. With today’s fast, iterative development cycles, that’s completely unacceptable.

Lee Barnes
CTO, Utopia Solutions

Our Approach to Performance Testing

We help ensure your systems can handle the real world before they are exposed to it.

Discovery & Strategy
We use our performance testing methodology to help fully understand your performance testing requirements, then plan and execute a test that supports your business and testing goals.

Once we understand the test objectives and have developed a detailed plan, we build test scenarios and scripts that accurately mimic your user and load profiles.   Our performance testing solutions are based on the Utopia Performance Test Framework to accelerate time to value.

Execute & Analyze
We execute performance tests in conjunction with your team to provide visibility to real-time user and system-level monitoring data. Then, we perform a thorough analysis to help you understand potential root causes of performance issues.

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