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We offer test automation services to help you assess test automation readiness, risks, and opportunities.

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Our Test Automation Readiness Assessments helps you:

Save Time
We’ll come to you and share expertise built through over twenty five years of successfully implementing test automation. Save time by avoiding the risks of a “ready-fire-aim” approach to automation.

Manage Risk
During this full-day session, we help you uncover hidden risk factors and give context-specific advice on how to avoid common test automation pitfalls.

Set the Stage for Success
After the session, we will schedule a readout and present recommendations to set you on a path to test automation success.


Share some information in our online assessment and we’ll follow up with a one hour readout sharing recommendations.

Take the Online Assessment

From a strategy perspective, you first need to ask yourself the question “Are we ready for automation?”  To answer this question you need to look at five foundational areas that are key to successful automation.

Lee Barnes
CTO, Utopia Solutions

Our Approach to Test Automation Assessment

Utopia Solutions takes a technology-agnostic approach to analyzing five key test automation readiness factors:

Talent and Resources
Success in test automation depends in part on organizational support. We help you understand what it will take to fully fund and support test automation in your organization.

When we do an assessment we analyze your existing processes and determine which testing activities (not just which tests) can benefit from automation.

Environment Stability
We assess your test environments and help you determine the best approach to creating a stable environment to support test automation execution.

Control Over Test Data
Data related issues can make or break an automation implementation. We help you identify data issues and provide suggestions to manage test data to best support automation.

Reliability & Maintenance
If you’ve already got some automation in place, we assess the health and reliability of what you have as well as the processes used to maintain and support the solution.

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