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Centers of Excellence

Utopia Solutions’ Center of Excellence (CoE) services allow our clients to create a centralized testing function that includes all testing activities or specific activities such as test automation and performance testing. This enables our clients to incorporate best practices while leveraging the economies of scale in centralization. The following key components will be our primary goals:

  • More efficient testing lifecycle; reduced cycle time and improved time to market
  • Reduced cost and increased capability providing greater agility to respond to changes from the business
  • Established enterprise and application specific metrics/benchmarks that identify the bottlenecks, risks and contingencies
  • Allows for continuous improvement of testing practices and ensure test initiatives are streamlined with release schedule
  • Establish enterprise test management and governance standards

Utopia Solutions’ CoE services are focused on your internal operational success. We will align with your business community, development and infrastructure teams to bring superior service and ideal outcome to your IT initiatives. Specific CoE disciplines include:

  • Mobile Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Performance

Larger IT shops have been creating centralized services for many years. Utopia Solutions has taken this trend and focused the services on our core competencies to create CoE’s for our clients. Our Velocity project accelerators bring superior intellectual property to bear including test governance, test methodology, test tools, test infrastructure, and test execution. We show our clients how to maximize their internal utilization by the best usage of their US based, offshore and partner resources.

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