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Apr 30

Let’s Get Real About Test Automation – Using a Context-Driven Approach

Sponsored by Software Testing Professionals, Lee Barnes will be presenting on May 9th about Testing Automation. While everyone’s doing it, but very few can truly claim they’ve realized the benefits they desire (or were promised). This has led to new tools, approaches and frameworks popping up almost daily with claims of finally achieving test automation nirvana. Unfortunately, approaching automation from a specific tool perspective often furthers the very myths and unrealistic expectations that prevent success in the first place. Similarly, your SDLC processes (agile, waterfall) and role (developer, CI/CD engineer, test engineer, etc.) often skew your view of test automation. Yes, test automation can provide significant efficiencies to our software development activities, but we must get REAL about it first.

Lee discusses how to first think about automation more generally, and then apply automation principles where and how they can bring the most benefit to your development and testing efforts. Specific topics include common automation myths and assumptions, how your past experiences and current role affect your view of automation, and how to identify potential automation opportunities unique to your situation. Take back techniques and examples for developing realistic expectations, applying a context-driven approach, and ultimately succeeding with test automation!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why viewing test automation from a specific tool or role perspective is limiting your success.
  • Learn how to identify automation opportunities that are unique to your situation.
  • Understand how to develop realistic expectations and apply automation principles using a context-driven approach.

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About The Author

Lee Barnes has over 20 years of experience in the software quality assurance and testing field. He has successfully implemented test automation and performance testing solutions in hundreds of environments across a wide array of industries. He is a recognized thought leader in his field and speaks regularly on related topics. As Founder and CTO of Utopia Solutions, Lee is responsible for the firm’s delivery of software quality solutions which include process improvement, performance management, test automation, and mobile quality. Lee holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from the University of Illinois.